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The Kecak is a traditional act of purification. More than one hundred men gather chanting “cak-cak-cak”

sound in different tones to drive out evil spirits. In the 1930s, German artist and Ubud resident, Walter

Spies was mesmerized by the Kecak and was inspired to create the version performed today- based on

an episode of the Indian epic poem, the Ramayana.

The men chant the story of Rama, his beautiful wife Sita and Rama’s brother Laksmana who

have been banned to the forest. While Rama and Laksmana are distracted , Sita is kidnapped by

Rahwana- the powerful and wicked demon King of Lanka. Rahwana wants Sita to be his own wife and

queen. Rama decides to send his most trusted and loyal General, the White Monkey Hanoman, in

search of Sita.

Hanoman finds Sita walking sadly in the garden of Rahwana’s palace. Sita does not know if she

can trust this Hanoman as Rahwana can also transform himself into many different shapes. But when

Hanoman gives Rama’s love ring to Sita, she smiles and sadness leaves her heart. In exchange, Sita gives

one of her hair ornaments to Hanoman which Rama in turn will recognize. Suddenly Rahwana appears

and becomes furious when he sees Hanoman. They fight fiercely with the men’s chorus improvising

Hanoman’s monkey army. In the end Rahwana is defeated. Rama and Sita are reunited. The Ramayana

continues its story of testing love and devotion.

Enjoy our Laka Leke Kecak group performing this magical dance on the edge of the mysterious


Monkey Forest with its ancient temple.


There is a free shuttle service between Café Wayan and Laka Leke before and after the performance.


For more information:

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