Every Monday : 08.00pm - 08.45pm

Tonight we the Laka Leke dance group, are glad to perform a special for you. The kecak and fire dance is a traditional Balinese dance perform by monkey chorus comprised of hundreds of men making “cak-cak-cak” sound in different tones. It is a magical dance, specially when perform ed as it is tonight on an open air stage on the edge of the mysterious Monkey Forest with it's ancient temple.
The kecak dance is based on an episode in the great Indian epic poem the Ramayana, in which Rama's wife Shinta is kidnapped by Rahwana,the evil king of Alengka (Sri Lanka) A powerful and wicked demon king, Rahwana wants Shinta to become his own wife and queen. Rama decides to send his most trusted general, the while monkey Hanoman, in search of Shinta. Hanoman finds Shinta walking sadly in the garden of Rahwana's place, but she does not know if she can trust him, since she knows that Rahwana can transform himself into many different shapes, When Hanoman give her Rama's love ring, however, she smiles and sadness leaves her heart. In exchange, she gives Hanoman her hair ornament which Rama in turn will recognize. Suddenly Rahwana appears and becomes furious when he sees Hanoman, They fight fiercely and in the end Rahwana is defeated, Shinta returns home to Rama and they live happily ever after. Thanks you very much for you kind attendance at tonight's performance it is our earnest hope that together we can preserve Balinese culture and traditional.

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