Every Thursday : 08.00pm - 08.45pm

This evening dance is performed by young children aged 6- 12 years. Various dances performed include:

Pendet Dance ( Traditional Welcome Dance )

Rabbit Dance

Baris ( a warrior hero dance )

Butterfly Dance

These dances depict the cheerfulness of the children expressing themselves and their pleasure in acting

the roles.

The Joged is performed by a young and beautiful Balinese dancer. Unlike other dances performed for

the gods at a temple ceremony, the Joged is not a sacred dance. Joged is performed to entertain guests

on special occasions such as wedding, anniversary or dinner parties, or for celebrations of youth

associations. The Joged dancers flirt with each other in Balinese. Accompanied by bamboo musical

instruments, a chosen partner is invited to “ngibing.” When the Joged shakes your hand and presents

you with a fresh flower, it means your turn to ngibing is over.

Enjoy the evening amongst our beautiful garden setting alongside the enchanted forest.


There is a free shuttle service between Café Wayan and Laka Leke before and after the performance.


For more information:

Laka Leke Nyuhkuning Village

Tel: +62-361-977565


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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