Every Thursday : 08.00pm - 08.45pm

Tonight we, the Laka leke Joged dance group are glad to present a special dance performance for you. Joged is traditional Balinese dance which performed by young and beautiful Balinese dancer. Accompany by bamboo musical instruments, tonight we will perform it on an open air stage with the most romantic forest and rice field setting. Join us and dance the night away. Unlike other dance performance which performed during temple festival, jogged is not a sacred dance is it a performance to entertain guest on special occasions such as wedding parties,

dinner parties and anniversary celebrations of youth associations. This dance is most popular among members of youth associations, since the jogged dancer will pick a member of the audience to join her in a courting dance where jogged dancers flirt with each other in Balinese we call the chosen dance partner a “Ngibing” Once the dancer shakes your hand and presents you with a fresh flower, it means your turn of ngibing is over

Program Performance
    Bamboo gamelan Instrumental
    Welcome Dance (Pendet Dance)
    Baris Dance
    Rabbit Dance
    Butterfly Dance
    Joged Dance

Thanks you very much for your kind attendance at tonight's performance. It is our earnest hope that together we can preserve Balinese culture and tradition.

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