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Many hundreds of years ago, there lived a couple, without children, in a distant kingdom of Java.

Looking for firewood in a nearby forest, the wife quenched her thirst on a coconut shell filled with

water. Upon drinking the water, she immediately felt with child. Returning home, the couple

encountered a big frog on the way side.

Only a few days later, the wife gave birth, not to a child, but to a frog. Having wished for a child for

many years, the couple had helped care for a young princess named Daha whom they loved very much.

Their own frog-son grew up and asked his mother to arrange his marriage to Princess Daha. The King

and father of Princess Daha became enraged and ordered his minister to punish the frog’s mother with

death as she possessed great magical powers, she survived. The King finally approved of his daughter’s


Her future husband, being ashamed of his frog-like appearance retreated for prayers and meditation

to Mahameru Mountain. He succeeded due to his power of faith and was granted human form changing

into a handsome and strong boy. In his vision, he was enlightened that in his former life, he was actually

the Prince of Jenggala. So being of royal heritage, he returned to marry Princess Daha in a great

ceremony, to the delight of the people of Kahuripan Kingdom.

The Frog Dance was originally created by Balinese Master I Made Jimat in 1967 using a folk

instrument called genggong with a sound similar to a Jews’s Harp and resonates the sound of a frog.

Enjoy the evening amongst our beautiful garden setting alongside the enchanted forest.


There is a free shuttle service between Café Wayan and Laka Leke before and after the performance.


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