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Many hundreds years ago there live a couple, without children, in a distant kingdom in java. Looking for fire wood in a near by forest, the wife quenched her thirst on a coconut shell filled with water and felt with child immediately after. Returning to the village they encountered a big frog at the way side.
Only a few days later the wife gave birth, not o a child but a frog. Having wished for a child for many years, the couple cared and love with princess, name daha. He asked his mother to arrange for his marriage to princess daha and by doing so, enraging the king daha's father.

The king, in his rage, ondered his minister to punish the frog's mother by death but declared that she would survived and believed to posses great magical power and the king approved of his daughter's marriage. Her future husband, being ashamed of hiss frog like appearance retreated for prayers and meditation to mahameru mountain and succeeded due to his power of faith to be granted human form and changing into a handsome and strong boy. In his vision he was enlightened that in his former life he actually was the prince of janggala, and being of royal heritage, returned to many princess daha in a great ceremony, to the delight of the people of kahuripan kingdom.

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