Every Wednesday : 08:00pm - 08.45pm

The story is about two powerful Kingdoms, Sunda Kingdom was rule by King Tupeng and Upasunda Kingdom was rule by King Jauk. Their Kingdoms was in their Golden Age and they were showing of their power to concur the smaller Kingdom. The two kings were very powerful, and they will always find a way to get a better and higher power by meditating in the jungle. When they were in a deep meditation, the Gods found a way to cancel their meditation by sending a beatiful Goddess named Nilottama.

Nilottama seduces the two Kings until they were canceling their meditation and they were fighting for Nilottama. The two Kings uses all their power tried to kill each other. King Tupeng transformed in to a Barong and has to transformed again in to an Onying (bare chest men with a sword) and King Jauk transformed in to a Rangda which were the same power uses by King Tupeng and the power itself called RWA BHINEDA which mean Good or Bad are related, are one. If there are no white there will be no black and so the opposite. So none of them either win or loose.

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