Every Wednesday : 08:00pm - 08.45pm

This is the story about two powerful kingdoms- the Sunda Kingdom ruled by King Tupeng and the

Upasanda Kingdom ruled by King Jauk. These kingdoms were in a golden age showing off their power to

smaller kingdoms. King Tupeng and King Jauk continued to seek higher powers by practicing meditation

in the jungle. While they were in deep meditation, the gods found a way to disturb their meditation by

sending a beautiful Goddess named Nilottama to distract them. Nilottama seduces the two Kings out of

meditation until they find themselves fighting for Nilottama. The two kings use all their power to try to

kill each other. King Tupeng transforms himself into a Lion figure called Barong and then again into

Onying - a bare-chested man with a sword. King Jauk is transformed into a Rangda.

The Barong and Rangda symbolize opposing forces- Barong representing the good force, and

Rangda representing the dark. King Tupeng and King Jauk were both transformed from a power they

each acquired- called Rwa Bhineda, an energy with encompasses good as well as bad. This is the way we

recognize that good and bad are related as One. There can be no white if there is no black, and so

opposite. So neither of the energies wins or looses. The Balinese aim in life is to maintain balance

amongst the dark and light energies that exist all around us.

Enjoy the evening amongst our beautiful garden setting alongside the enchanted forest.


There is a free shuttle service between Café Wayan and Laka Leke before and after the performance.


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