Cappuccino Rp. 27.500,-
    Espresso Rp. 20.500,-
    Cafe Au Laute Rp. 27.500,-
    Hot Chocolate Rp. 19.500,-
    Jasmine Herb Tea Rp. 19.500,-
    Lemon Ginger Honey (LGH) Rp. 19.500,-
    Hot Toddy Rp. 33.500,-



An effective tonic for cold and flu!!

    Ginger Tea (Bali tea with crushed ginger) Rp. 14.500,-
LEMON TEA (Bali tea with lemon) Rp. 14.500,-
    Bali Coffee or Bali Tea Rp. 12.500,-
    Hot Orange or Hot Lemon Rp. 12.500,-


















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